Five Uses for Coconut Oil

Coconut oil has been a very talked about item recently. People are using it for just about everything! If you search it online, several results pop up with all sorts of ideas. So, I thought I’d jump on the band wagon and talk about my favorite ways to use coconut oil.

1. Hair Mask: Use this in the shower, after shampooing the hair. Scoop out a teaspoon sized helping, give or take, and let it ‘melt’ in your hands. Rub through your hair starting mid-shaft focusing on the ends. Allow it to sit on the hair for about 5 minutes and rinse. You can either stop here or follow with your normal conditioner if you need extra moisture. I’ve also used this before shampooing my hair since my hair doesn’t get very dry. Use the same steps as above then follow with your normal routine of shampoo and conditioner. It doesn’t have quite the same effect, but for me it did soften my hair and it still felt more moisturized. Experiment with it until you find what works best for your hair.
2. Body Oil: You may think this would be super greasy, and for the first minute or two it is kind of, well, oily. BUT, once it sinks into the skin…it’s just right! I use this either before a shower or right after. Using a body oil before showering helps to lock in moisture and protects the skin from any excess drying caused by the hot water in your shower. Simply scoop out the coconut oil and massage into your skin. Let it soak in for a couple minutes, then take a shower as you normally would. Follow with your favorite body lotion – you’ll be surprised at how much better your skin feels. Using coconut oil after a shower simply takes the place of a body lotion.
3. Makeup Remover: To remove eye make up, scoop a small amount onto your finger tips and massage lightly over the eyes. If you use waterproof mascara it takes a few extra seconds, but it works! I actually think it works better than most store-bought eye makeup removers. To use on your entire face, simply massage it over the face to lift the make up from your skin. I use warm water to rinse it off, then follow with my normal cleansing routine.
4. Facial Moisturizer: There has been a lot of discussion around facial oils and the benefits of using a natural oil on the face for anti-aging properties. I will say that the coconut oil might take a little longer to soak into the skin than some of the other products I’ve used, but I find that it feels the same after the fact. Honestly, I haven’t seen any drastic difference in my skin’s texture, but I do think it is a good addition to my nightly routine for anti-aging. I get a little coconut oil on my finger tips and dab around the eye area, then work the product into my skin and over the rest of my face. If you have extra dry skin, you may want to use your favorite moisturizer, let it soak into the skin, then follow with the oil to lock in moisture.
5. Cooking Oil: It can withstand higher temperatures than some traditional cooking oils, so it’s great for pan searing meet or sauteing. Because it’s pure oil it doesn’t go through the hydrogenation process; however, it does contain saturated fats (like all oils do) so should be used in moderation.
There you have it! What are some ways you have found to use coconut oil?

One thought on “Five Uses for Coconut Oil

  1. I have used coconut oil for everything you have mentioned, although I no longer use it on my face. I prefer grapeseed or olive oil on my face. I use the virgin, unrefined, which has a slight coconut taste and scent, but is the purest and most natural you can buy. I whip it with lavender essential oil which covers the scent and adds the benefits of lavender to my hair and body cream. I love to cook with it! It makes the best stove-top popcorn and sauteed asparagus!


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