Friday Favorites in Five

This week we had some great weather! I’m pleased to say that a few short sleeves were worn, and I busted out the open-toed shoes – about time because my feet like to breathe! I would probably wear flip flops year-round, but it’s frowned upon in the snow. Preferably I would just go barefoot everywhere (well, not in public. Public places are meant for shoes. It’s good hygiene.) It’s common for me to kick off my shoes as soon as I get home and go barefoot around the house. It also may or may not be true that I’ve been known to go outside with no shoes and walk around the yard, trim a few little flowers, get the mail (although asphalt is hot, it’s definitely an ‘at your own risk’ sort of situation), then my husband needs help with something that requires either a ladder or power tools and I say “I don’t have shoes on! I can’t!” He then replies “What are you doing outside without shoes???” as if it’s a huge shock. Come on, you know me well enough to know that this is normal. Get with the program. So then I have to go find shoes. On the flip side of that, oddly, shoes are probably my favorite of all fashion items. If I have to wear them, they should be fabulous. That’s my theory.
And that has absolutely nothing to do with the favorites for this Friday. So let’s see where that takes us!

Favorite Exterior
Favorite Neutrals
Favorite Landscape
Favorite Desk Chair
Favorite Storage Idea
Hope your weekend is warm enough for a No-Shoes-Saturday. 🙂

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