DIY Spring Wreath

Spring is one of my favorite seasons. I think it’s the ‘newness’ that it brings. I love watching all of the flowers and trees start to bloom, hearing the birds start chirping again, and the sun shines just a little bit longer! That always means it’s time for a DIY project in our house…so it only seemed appropriate to do a tutorial for today’s post.
My husband’s aunt called and asked if I would make a wreath for her. She had already purchased and collected several different flowers and a square-shaped vine wreath…which was great because I was able to lay everything out and get right to work! I wanted it to look natural, like the flowers were blooming up the vine. (Get it? For spring?) Check out these step-by-step instructions…
Step 1: Organize all of your materials.


Step 2: Start placing the flowers in the vine. I started with the longest stemmed flower because I knew it would stick out past the others.


Step 3: Add some “filler” flowers to help cover the vine wreath. These dogwood blooms were just the right size.


Step 4: Add in full branches of blooms for more impact.


Step 5: If branches are too long, or too bulky, pull off individual blooms.


Step 6: Arrange the flowers until you’re happy with the placement. Sometimes this takes a little trial and error. Now it’s time to start attaching everything!


Step 7: Attach loose blooms with hot glue.


Step 8: For longer stems, attach with wire. If they need to be held in place use a drop of hot glue.


Step 9: For the finishing touch, attach a bow with wire or hot glue. I used both in this case.


Step 10: You’re done! Hang it on your front door or over your mantel.


The colors in this wreath are perfect for spring and summer, so it can be used for more than just one season. Of course, any color combination would do. The key is to find a variety of sizes and types to make it interesting. It also helps to have a few larger flowers to hide stems and wires of the smaller ones. Also, if you don’t want to use a bow, just group 3-4 flowers together and attach them with wires and/or hot glue in it’s place.


Now, go get crafty and make your own wreath!

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