Friday Favorites in Five

I certainly hope that you experienced the beautiful weather this week. It hit 80 a couple days here, and it was amazing. Of course, it was sunny and 80 while I was sitting at my desk. šŸ™‚ Overall, it was a good week, and this weekend I’m going to a baby shower for one of my college friends. It should be fun, and I’m excited to see her! I might also take a little trip to buy some spring flowers. It may be time.Ā 
This Friday, I’m into these things…
Favorite Sandwich. Not only does it look delicious, but it’s so pretty too! Need to try this.
Favorite Front Yard. I love the splashes of purple. I have dreams that my front yard looks like this.
Favorite Look. Those shoes are perfection. Check out her blog for more!
Favorite Floral Arrangement. So rustic and simple.
Favorite Strawberry Dessert. Love anything strawberry with white cake. Yum!
Have a great weekend!!

5 thoughts on “Friday Favorites in Five

  1. That sandwich reminds me of one called The Godmother from Bay Cities Deli-the best deli EVER, located in Santa Monica-right by our house! SOOO good! Ok, before I read your shoes comment I was already freaking out about her shoes! Gorgeous! I think I could even pull off that heel! Have a wonderful weekend!


  2. I love everything listed here! Especially that striped jacket and that cake. That garden is beautiful too except I kill pretty much every plant I touch… have a great weekend!


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