On My Mind…

There’s this thing I do. I get an idea in my mind, and I struggle to let it go. I obsess over it and I think about every. single. detail. Then I obsess over it all over again thinking about every single detail again, in a different scenario, just in case the first idea wasn’t good enough. Sometimes I dream about it (that’s when I know the idea is really good). I personally think it’s the curse that comes with a creative brain. Or it could be a side effect from being an only child; I had a lot of time to think. But, it’s also fun to plan, design, and construct in my head then apply it in real life.

Although, not all of my thoughts are actually applied in real life. If they were, we’d be re-designing our home every year, different scheme, different layout, construction would be taking place all the time, I’d have a 60 acre garden separate from my immaculate yards and flower beds. I re-design our landscaping every summer – in my mind – and want to try something new every year, but don’t worry, I don’t actually do it. It’s just stays in the “idea vault” for “some other time” that may or may not come.

Lately my mind has been on a garden (imagine that!) that I could “install” in my back yard or side of the house. I don’t want something permanent because I may not always want it in that location. Also, I don’t want to truly dig out a garden in the back yard. We have hard red clay that is a nightmare.

These are some of my favorite inspiration images. I REALLY like the raised garden made with troughs. I could see inserting individual pots inside the troughs for spreading herbs or veggies. It would be easy to move since it’s just a trough and nothing built or settled into the ground. Perfect. I just need a good trough and a few pots, and some seeds, and a good sunny spot in the yard. Which I do have…
On another note, there have been some pretty severe storms pass through the country these past few days. I truly hope that everyone is safe and that no one had major damage, but if you did, you’re in my prayers.

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