Ideas for Mom

With Mother’s Day quickly approaching, I thought it would be fun to put together some last minute ideas for your mom (or mother figure) to celebrate this special day.
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1. If she needs a day of at-home pampering, the Fresh Rose Face Mask is the perfect gift. It is infused with rosewater and real rose petals (so it’s also like giving her flowers!) which helps hydrate and restore the skin.
2. Does she like to read? A good book is always a great gift – perfect for a little quiet time.
3. Tote bags (especially when they’re personalized) are fun by themselves, but for something extra try filling it with smaller gifts that your mom will love.
4. Something shiny is a classic go-to gift. This necklace is perfect for your mom if she loves mixed metals.
5. If she’s more into gardening or flowers, try coming up with a creative way to give a potted plant. If it’s a perennial that comes back every year, that’s even better!
6. Giving creative gifts that tell her how you feel will never disappoint. Try a print that spells it out.

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