Friday Favorites in Five

First of all, this has been a fantastic week weather-wise. We’ve had summertime temps and sunny skies. Beautiful! It has also been a week of challenges which presented a few unexpected decisions. It is at times like these that I truly learn more about myself and the power of trusting the Lord. It also never ceases to amaze how people sometimes react to situations. Don’t freak out, nothing tragic happened…and it will be okay one way or the other no matter what I decide. It just took me a little by surprise and I have done, and will continue to do, a lot of thinking.
With that said, my favorites all revolve around some empowering and inspiring quotes and scripture. All of which I need to keep in mind moving into next week. 🙂

At the end of the day, regardless of the situation or challenge that any of us face, it comes down to faith and trust that it will all work out for the best. Easier said than done sometimes!

Have a happy Mother’s Day this weekend!

{Linking up with Lauren Elizabeth / A. Liz Adventures}

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