Design Files

Because I am a designer, I love looking at great interiors. I get so many ideas (too many) from Pinterest, Houzz, and various magazines. The thing that is most interesting to me is how each person has their own unique look. No two spaces are the same. Here’s a peek into my personal design style inspirations.

These sofas are one of my favorite styles. The low rolled arm makes it a little more “dressed up”, but the large cushions keep it comfortable. This room is very calming. The use of a common grey keeps it monochrome, but they added a few little hints of blue that compliment very well. Not to mention those gorgeous doors!

This is a great way to visually divide a space using furniture. I also love the beams with the light and dark contrast. The ceilings are already pretty high, but by keeping the walls light they blend into the ceiling so it feels even more seamless. By using a few darker pieces of furniture it grounds the room.

I’m not usually an all white person, or an antler person, but this room is pretty cool. The main reason I picked this space is because of that incredibly amazing chunk of tree sitting in the middle of the room, aka the coffee table. I’ve liked pieces like this since I was in design school (pretty sure I used something very similar in a project) and have wanted one ever since. None of the trees around our home are “cool” enough – meaning they don’t have that gnarly shape. Notice that the walls and ceiling are covered in the same wood plank? They chose to apply a white-wash to the wall portion, which gives it a light and airy look. I like this because it can go beachy or cabiny (technical design terms).

I love a good open concept space. This Beach Style Living Room by Charleston Interior Designers & Decorators Margaret Donaldson Interiors is the perfect beach home. These floors are amazing! Classic design, classic lines, and classic colors that will never go out of style. There’s also a fun play with pattern used in the pillows and side chairs. It’s a little more formal than my taste usually goes, but I could live here, no doubt. 🙂

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