Beach Essentials

It’s summertime…which means it’s also time for our annual beach trip to the Carolina’s. I get pretty excited for the beach. I can breathe better, I get a tan, the flowers smell better there (it’s true), the food is better, you don’t get funny looks for wearing no shoes (remember this story?), the views are endless, even though it’s hot there’s always an amazing breeze…this list could keep going, but I’ll stop. You get the idea. I like the beach. In true planner style, I usually make myself a packing list before I go on a trip. Here are some of the items on this year’s list…

1. I love a sun hat. Perfect for extra afternoon coverage!
2. Having a beach bag that resists sand and water is a must.
3. I pretty much can’t go outside for extended periods of time without sunglasses.
4. Gotta have a cute cover-up!
5. This monogrammed tumbler is perfect to hold the drink of choice…I need to stay hydrated.
6. For the beach I love these flip flops. I don’t have to worry about them getting wet.
7. I like to stash some facial wipes in my beach bag. I usually wipe away the sweat mid-day.
8. My lips get so chapped in the sun/wind – a lip balm is key. I’d like to try this one!
9. Sweat and oil can cause some major skin issues. This sunscreen is light and won’t clog pores.
10. I can’t get enough of the classic Hawaiian Tropic. Love the scent.
11. For an extra tanning boost I love the Maui Babe browning lotion.

12. My Hayden Reis bag is awesome. It keeps my smaller items dry.
13. Last, but not least, is a big (and cute) beach towel!

Happy beachin’!

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