Friday Favorites in Five

Wrapping up the “beach week” on the blog, I’m going to share the top five favorite things to do at the beach. It pretty much revolves around relaxing and eating…
One of my favorite things is riding bikes on the beach. It’s an easy way to stay active. (source)

I love eating seafood at the beach. Add a little hushpuppy to the side, some butter. Yes please. (source)

For some reason I read a lot more when I’m at the beach than I do anywhere else. I think it’s because I can totally relax and my mind doesn’t wander! (source)
I have to walk the beach during the sunset. It’s like this unwritten rule. It never gets old. (source)
Of course, one of my favorite things about the beach is the tan. This image cracks me up. (source)
Happy Friday! Next week it’s back to the real world… 

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