Whenever I come home from the beach my skin feels…weathered. Spending multiple days in the sun can definitely take a toll. I do love having a little tan though, so I’ve found a few things to help my skin stay rejuvenated.


First I start with smoothing my feet (we all need a little TLC on the heels). I like to use a pumice stone in the shower because it gets rid of dead skin and helps smooth calluses. You’d think the sand would do this naturally, but I’ve never had good luck with that.
After cleansing the skin, I use a good exfoliating body scrub. My favorite right now is the Tree Hut Shea Sugar Body Scrub. It immediately makes me feel as though I’m getting rid of damaged skin. From too much sun perhaps? 


Next I exfoliate my lips. No matter how much lip balm or sunscreen I use they always feel dry. I use a homemade recipe, and it works like a charm.


When I spend any consistent time in the sun I see noticeable changes in my face regardless of how much sunscreen I use. For this reason I use an at home facial peel. I’ve just recently started using this Ole Henriksen Lemon Strip Flash Peel, but so far so good. My face always feels so refreshed, and it helps speed up cell resurfacing.
Finally, I use coconut oil to lock in moisture from head to toe.

It’s amazing how much better I feel after this little bit of pampering. My skin is just a little more radiant and definitely rejuvenated.


Ole Henriksen

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