Friday Favorites in Five

Let me tell ya, coming back to work after vacation and a holiday is just rough. That’s all there is too it. I’ve been so tired this week. Getting up early and actually having to think about something other than when I last applied sunscreen is difficult. 🙂
1. This Onyx Bezel Wrapped Bracelet is beautiful! I love pretty much everything on the Saressa Designs website. 
2. How amazing is this photograph? If you squint, can you see a horse? Like this. I can…
3. These feather pink sandals are just too cute. I wish there were other colors though. Turquoise would be pretty sweet!
4. My new inspiration for a painting. It’s an abstract beach scene…still can’t get off the beach.
5. I’m ready. I’m pretty sure I could be packed again in no time.
How was your week? Any plans for the weekend? I think I’ll be playing catch up all weekend!
{Linking up with Lauren Elizabeth}

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