Friday Favorites in Five

Has anyone else felt like this week has been long? I’m so ready for the weekend! It seems like we have gone non-stop all week, but I honestly can’t think about what we actually did. Ever have those? So, I’m excited that it’s Friday and excited that it’s time to share favorites! 
1. Favorite idea for a ‘wet hair’ day. I can remember several times when my hair was long that I couldn’t dry and style it before running out the door…this idea is brilliant. Looks totally polished! Missy Sue = genius.
2. This room is probably one of my favorite color pallets. I love the soft blues and cream. The light…ahhhh!!!
3. I have never heard of lemon poppy-seed cupcakes with strawberry frosting, but I’m game! I also love the fun yellow and pink. Perfect for summer!
4. This handbag. Amaze. Dream on.
5. Ready for summer? These BBQ chicken bites look oh so good. I’ll take one, or two…
What are you favorites this week? Share below in the comments! 
{Linking up with Liz and Lauren Elizabeth}

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