Favorite Go-To Recipes

Happy Monday! 🙂 Can we just agree that weekends go by WAY too fast??? Thanks.

If I’m in a bind for a good recipe, whether it be dinner on a weeknight or a pot-luck party, I always go to Pinterest. It’s so easy to search for something, find the ingredient list, print the recipe (or take a screenshot), and be done! Well, other than the actual cooking…that’s a different story.

source (so cute)
There have been a few that were fails, but for the most part they’ve all been pretty good! I compiled a list of some of the favorites that are definite repeats!
This Nutty Bacon Cheese Ball is very, very good. One problem I had was actually making it into a ball. It was too soupy to form, so I ended up combining the ingredients in a dish and called it a dip. 🙂 It worked just as good, and probably easier! 
I can’t even tell you how good these Bacon Appetizers are. They sound odd. A club cracker with parmesan cheese sprinkled on top then wrapped in bacon. On second thought, I do love those ingredients! When they cooked and the bacon sizzled in the oven, magic. Tip – make double if you’re taking them to a party. 
I really like to make soup. It’s so easy to throw together in a slow cooker and let it do it’s thang. When I get home from work….dinner’s ready! Sweet! This Lasagna Soup is a favorite of mine. I think my husband likes it to, but he’s not as into soup (sorry). The flavors in this dish are amazing together. 
Another slow cooker meal (trend?) that’s super easy is the Crock Pot Chicken Cacciatore. It is delicious! The sauce had so much flavor. If you look at the recipe it shows a “quick method” and a “better method with more prep” – I chose the quick method and it was amazing. Granted, the more prep option might be out of this world, but I’m not a chef. I don’t have to knock people’s socks off or anything.
When it comes to dessert, I usually like things on the lighter side. If it’s too chocolatey I have to follow up with a potato chip (preferably with a dip). Or pop corn. Or a french fry. Okay, stop. I don’t really mind it being rich. It’s usually just chocolate that leaves me wanting something more. Anyway, I love this Fresh Strawberry Upside Down Cake. It might be my favorite kind of dessert. It’s light, has a little fruit. Yum. I did have an issue when I made it last though…there was WAY too much strawberry juice when I took it out of the oven and it was soggy. I haven’t figured that one out. It’s only done that to me once.
Now, for you chocolate people. I do love a good brownie, and this Brownie Pie is perfection. Especially if you purposely under-cook it just a little so it’s still gooey in the middle. Ahhhh!!! Top it with a huge scoop of vanilla ice cream (or mint chocolate chip). Done.
What recipes have you found that are a go-to? Please share. I’m always hunting for more (especially if they’re easy!).

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