Let’s talk about toning…and by that I mean toning the skin. With combination skin, I’ve found that using a toner daily helps it stay a little more under control. I have used toners that contain large amounts of alcohol, and they tend to be very harsh. When I found this Shine Away Mattifying Toner from Boots Botanics I was excited because it contains natural ingredients, and though there is alcohol listed, it doesn’t sting and doesn’t feel harsh.
This toner contains willowbark, which acts as a natural form of salicylic acid aiding in skin cell turnover. Willowbark is also known for having antimicrobial properties. Using a toner consistently helps ensure all of the oil is removed from my skin before applying serums or moisturizer, and it helps minimize pores. I actually think this has helped (with other products) to reduce blackheads.
Notice how the product settles at the bottom…give it a good shake!
Once the “mattifying powders” are combined with the toner liquid, I apply using a cotton pad or cotton ball. I typically use this each morning and night. I’ve used about half of the bottle, and will definitely repurchase.
Have you used any other Boots Botanics products? This is my first experience with the line, and I’ve been impressed so far.

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