Friday Favorites in Five

Thank you Friday!
I really wasn’t sure this day was going to come! There have been a few trials this week; as in our dog not feeling well and not sleeping at night unless I was on the floor next to her. I was literally outside on our driveway at 1:00 am Wednesday with little Bailee on a leash running (barefoot and in pj’s) to get her to move (get ready for TMI…she had gas). It was a bonding moment, for sure. So now that you have your disturbing mental image for the week…
1. Positive mind. Positive vibes. Positive life. Yes. Favorite quote of the week!
2. These flowers are BEAUTIFUL. I love the colors, the mixture, the arrangement. Makes me want a flower garden strictly for cut flowers. Ooooh, idea…
3. Favorite hairstyle. It’s a little shorter than mine right now, but I like the braid and the overall wave/curl texture. Why can’t my hair just do this naturally? The natural wave I have is like a frizz ball.
4. Would you believe these are edible cupcakes? I bet if I made a cupcake it would like this. Not.
5. This is my new favorite color for cabinets. The wheels are turning…
I hope you had some nights full of wonderful sleep and no running on driveways with a dog. 🙂 Share your favorites in the comments! Here’s to a happy weekend!

{linking up with Lauren Elizabeth}

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