Summer Vacation Recap

I had every intention of sharing some photographs from our summer vacation very soon after we got back, buuuut I never got around to it! So, a month later, here we are!
We went to South Carolina, which has kind of become our vacation spot of choice. What I enjoy most is that now we’re familiar enough with the islands and Charleston that we can relax. You know the first time you go somewhere you’re constantly trying to figure it out and navigate? Wondering where to eat, what to do, what you want to see (other than sunshine and sand)…sometimes it’s stressful. Then you leave and talk to someone else that’s been there and they tell you all the things you should have done that you didn’t know to do.

Well, we’re past that. We don’t feel stressed to do certain things (other than one…go get a piece of cake at Kaminsky’s). It’s a relaxing vacation.

Shem Creek is one of my favorite places to go eat – there are all sorts of things going on, and that means a lot of observing on my part. I’m a big people watcher. These poor people probably thought I was making fun of their kayaking skills…
This picture…have the same version from last year. It’s still pretty every time!

This year I had a goal to get a sunset picture of the Ravenel Bridge. You see, last year I took my camera, but no tripod. I told myself next time don’t forget the tripod. So this year I made sure that the tripod was sitting next to the door ready to go (plus I wrote a note to remind me just in case I didn’t see it sitting there). Success. Side note: sunsets are hard for me to capture. I want to play with settings some more…if anyone has tips please share!!!

This was also the first year that our doggie went with us. We usually have someone watch her, but since the whole fam went, we took the family pets. Our little Bailee doesn’t travel well, so she was well mediated for the trip, but once we got there she did fine (other than the barking at strangers and other dogs that walked by “her” house). It was fun seeing her play in the ocean and jump the little “islands” at low tide.

Another one just because it’s cute. Her ears were blowin’ in the wind!

There’s nothing really special about this picture. It’s just a sail boat we passed in the intracoastal waterway. I was taking pictures of everything we passed…so why not? It was the first time we took our boat so it was like seeing the island from a whole new perspective. 
I have a few hundred more pictures, but these give a good summary of the trip and what we saw. Oh, I did forget…
Wind surfers. There were probably 100 that afternoon all along the beach. It was so cool!
And the pretty beach on a sunny morning! I’ll leave you with that. 🙂
Are you taking any trips this summer? Do you go somewhere different each time or back to the same place?

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