The BB Battle: Maybelline Dream Fresh

I wanted to do a series on BB Creams because I’ve struggled to find a great one, and it’s a little overwhelming with so many options on the shelf. I have tried a few different drugstore brands – some better than others – and decided to share my thoughts!


My first BB Cream in the “BB Battle” is the Maybelline Dream Fresh BB. I’ve read several other comments that this is a great, must-try product. Overall, I think that’s true.


My first impression was that it went on so smooth. The consistency is similar to lotion. It glides over the skin and blends effortlessly. Coverage is light to medium, which is what I would expect from a BB. With five color options it gives more customization for your skin tone. This BB Cream claims to provide 8 benefits:
1. Blur imperfections
2. Brighten
3. Even skin tone
4. Smooth
5. Hydrate
6. Enhance
7. Protect using SPF 30
8. 0% oils or heavy ingredients


For the most part I would agree with the benefits. I found it to be very hydrating, which depending on your skin type can be good or bad. For me, with more oily skin, it was too much. Even with a setting powder I noticed that my face was very shiny at the end of the day. If you have dry skin this is probably a great option for you!
So, all in all, I think it’s a great product for the right skin type. I love the ease of application and the “feel” once it is blended. Because of my oily skin it’s just not a good option for me personally.

Have you tried this BB Cream? What was your first impression?

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