Use a Candle in Your Scentsy

Have you ever had a candle that you love so much that you don’t burn it for fear of never being able to find the same scent? This happens to me. Usually with candles from Bath & Body Works…because if you ever shop there you’re very familiar with the fact that they have great seasonal scents that disappear and rarely return.
Enter the Scentsy. As with most owners, I have purchased the little wax things that you break off and put in the dish to heat. It smells good, and lasts a long time. I can typically get a few uses out of the wax before throwing it out. Win!
Fast forward to vacation when I spotted an amazingly wonderful candle from Archipelago Botanicals ‘Excursion’ called Charleston. I wanted that candle. But there I was again, not wanting to burn it. Not only because I didn’t want to use it up, but candles are expensive!!! Amiright?

Then I thought, “I wish there was this scent for my Scentsy…um, wait a sec…why not??? Duh!”

So I got to work.


I can’t believe I didn’t think of this before. Has anyone else done this? I might be the only person who hasn’t, but I was so excited I had to share.

1. Gather your favorite candle scent, and get the Scentsy dish ready to melt.

2. I melted the wax little by little in the microwave (I don’t know if you’re supposed to do that). You could also just let it melt down on the warmer since you have to let the candle burn.

3. Burn your candle for a couple hours or until the wax has melted enough to get a good amount out of the jar. Have the dish and a spoon handy!

4. Pour the melted wax and spoon some of the softened wax into the dish. You probably only need a couple spoon-fulls of the wax. I got a little carried away.

5. Place the dish back onto the Scentsy and turn on to melt the rest of the wax. That’s it! So simple. Potentially a little messy…just be careful!

I’ve already done this with another candle I purchased – it was the littlest candle available in a summery beachy scent (yum). I melted it down and poured the wax into an old Scentsy refill pack so I can pop them out and use them whenever I want that scent again! Perfection.

I haven’t tried this with every candle/wax type out there, so it might work better with some than others, but so far I’ve had no problems…only happy smells! 🙂

Have you ever tried this? Am I just completely out of the loop?

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