Friday Favorites in Five

Happy 4th of July!!! I hope you have had a great week and I hope you have fun plans for the holiday weekend. I’m excited and thankful to have the day off and plan to enjoy it to the fullest. 
Oh so glad it’s Friday! If you saw this post on Tuesday, you may have gotten the idea that things have been a little stressful for me. Mostly because of some changes at work that I’ve been dealing with and trying to sort through. Hopefully things will get easier. I think they will. 🙂
Let’s talk about favorite things!
1. Favorite color combination. I love this for summer. It is so refreshing. I also love this for graphics. Great mix of cool and warm colors.
2. I am so in love with this exterior. I love the small rock walkway, the pavers, the shakes, the colors. Love.
3. Favorite interior color combo of the week. I really like this gold and navy together. It’s classic and fresh all at the same time.
4. Totally random, but this is my happy place. These colored pencils in clear acrylic shelving and organized in fun color combinations. Ahh.
5. Because it’s the 4th…these nails!! Does anyone else decorate their nails like this on the regular? I like it, but honestly can only stand it a day or so.
So there you have it ladies (and maybe the one gentleman out there). 
What favorite things did you find this week? Share in the comments below!
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