Patriotic Wreath DIY

Last week I shared this post about some 4th of July crafts, and one of my favorite finds was this wreath. I meant to go get some things to make my own, and I did, it was just on July 3rd at about 7:30 pm. 🙂 If you follow me on Instagram you may have seen my little peek at my DIY wreath for the holiday…
I love how it turned out! I was in our office/sewing/craft/paint/storage/dust collector/catch all room with my supplies spread out everywhere and the hot glue gun going at about 8:30 pm. I had already put the flags (the only two flags I could find…two…) in my flower pots and was scrambling to figure out what I wanted the wreath to look like.
Pretty fun, right? Our red rocking chairs were totally planned (ha).
This was my first attempt. For throwing it all together in an hour it’s not bad. The more I looked at it the more it needed. The brown branches blended in too much with our front door.
So I added more green.

I like the finished product much better. It looks more like summer!

I wanted to make something that was patriotic, but could be used all summer without being over the top red, white and blue. I like that the blue isn’t too bold, and the red poppies and yellow lemons pop against the green. It’s bright, fun, and just what I was looking for!

For a full DIY tutorial on how to make a wreath, check out this post.
It was fun decorating this year for the 4th! Hopefully next year I’ll be more proactive and find more than two flags!!!

I’d love to hear how you decorated this year in the comments below!

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