Design Files

I am desperately wanting to do something “new” in my house. I think a lot of people get tired of the same thing. I mean, you walk in the house and see the same. thing. every. day!
We’ve been talking about doing some work to our bathroom for a couple years. The problem is, there’s just one sink. We brush our teeth (and I wash my face) at pretty much the same time every morning and night. Not good. Especially in the morning since I am running late all the time sometimes. Ain’t nobody got time for that!

So my dream? Have massive amounts of storage and great lighting. Of course.

The mix of light and dark in this bathroom is uh-maz-ing. The windows behind the mirror – love it.

This layout is perfect!!! I love the dual sink, the storage between the two, and the style of the cabinetry. I also love the sconces on either side of the mirror with a recessed light above. Placed just right to provide enough all-around light for makeup application. 😉

Again, the dark window style shower doors! The dark grey floor and the lighter walls speak to me.

This doesn’t really satisfy the storage needs, or the lighting, but the style? Awesome! This might be one of those that looks great but isn’t really functional, unless you’re a bachelor. Those lights though…they are pretty sweet.

I’m having heart palpitations over this bathroom. Oh my GOODNESS. The color, the floor, the walls, the lights, the tub, the shower, the palm in the vase, the windows. That’s it. What works so well in this room is the different variations of the grey mixed with the natural brown color of the floor. It’s warm, but the grey gives it a little modern touch that keeps it clean. Please and thank you. I saved the best for last (in my opinion).

What’s your dream bathroom like? Share in the comments below…

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