Friday Favorites in Five

Helloooooo Friday! I really can’t believe it’s Friday. Tuesday was trying to last forever. Then the week went by in a blink. What happened? Did we even have a Wednesday or Thursday? 
Well, obviously we did.
Unless this is some kind of time warp and it’s actually only Tuesday…still?
No, it’s definitely Friday. Phew.

Now that that’s straightened out…
Today we’re going blue. For no particular reason other than the fact that I saw something blue that caught my eye and thought I’d look for more. I liked what I found. So here we are!
1. This is what I think about at night. A lovely blue accented living room with a bold blue sofa. Love this room! This is my style – a mix of casual and classic with fun pops of color and pattern…except my living room looks nothing like this. 
2. Pretty little blue necklaces – love! I’ve been wanting something like this for a while. It needs to be long, and I’m good with it being chunky. This would be so pretty for layering. Do you layer necklaces? Why do I find this to be a challenge?
3. I’ve never owned blue plates. I’ve never looked for blue plates. I’ve never even had an interest in blue plates. These blue plates though…I could get into (or I eat those blueberry pancakes off of them). I have a “plate wall” in my dining room (you know, just in case I run short I can take some off the wall), but it doesn’t look like this…sadly.
4. I’ve always wanted a bright-colored front door. This blue door is the perfect color of blue. It’s like the door says “Hey! You! Come over here! Welcome to my fun home!” That’s what they’d say, you know? If doors could talk. Just like this.
5. This is what first caught my eye leading to the “blue search”. Of course. I’ve never tasted it but it looks like it would be a favorite breakfast, lunch, or dinner item. The blueberries. Yum. Yes I just ended this list with the first thing that caught my eye. I’m in a weird mood. Must be the time warp.

How was your week? Have you had any favorite finds? Share below in the comments!
Have a wonderful weekend!

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