Friday Favorites in Five

I like blogs. I should, right? How did I get the idea to start a blog? Through following other bloggers. Shocker. Today I decided to share some of my favorite blogs out there on the interweb (I saw that somewhere and it makes me laugh). The list is WAY longer, but these are my top 5 (this was so hard).
1. Favorite beauty blog: I had to divide this category. Makeup – There are so many I love, but my favorite all around for tips and little tricks is The Beauty Department. No shortage of great ideas here! Hair – Definitely The Small Things Blog. The styles are doable (even for me) and there is a great variety for short or long hair!
2. Favorite cooking blog: By far, I think the best place to go for tasty and healthy recipes is I love that she lists nutritional value along with Weight Watchers points. Everything that I have made has been delicious. 
3. Favorite fashion blog: This was hard because there are so many great fashion bloggers out there, but I really like J’s Everyday Fashion. I love that she recreates looks in an affordable way.
4. Favorite design blog: I’ve said before that design holds a special place in my heart. I’ve followed all of the ‘big’ design blogs, but have been really enjoying The Hunted Interior lately. Love her style!
5. Favorite DIY blog: It’s a toss up. I’ve been a devoted follower of Liz Marie Blog for a while. Her style is shabby chic and I love her projects. Buuuuuut I also really like Delineate Your Dwelling. Such fun craft projects!!
Just for fun, and to end the Friday on a colorful note, I’m going to throw in another one…Pencil Shavings Studio. Ahhhh I love the color. Her blog is awesome, and her shop is even more awesome! 
Now you know what I do with my spare time. 🙂 What are your favorite blogs to follow? I might want to add some to my list…
Have a great weekend!!! And happy August. This year is flying by!

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