Life Lately

Lately in life we’ve been doing a lot of projects. One big project to be exact. My Mother in Law is building a house, and we’ve been helping…which has been a lot of fun, but if you’ve ever built a house or been involved in the process you know it takes a lot of time, dedication, and thought. Which is right up my ally. I like that kind of stuff. 
I thought that I’d share a little of that experience and show a few pictures of what we’ve done so far!
Digging. Lots and lots of digging. I didn’t use this little machine, but I did use the bobcat to load some rock and move dirt around. That was fun! If you follow me on instagram you may have seen a picture a few weeks ago. It reminded me of a little cartoon for some reason.
This is the garage…we prepped it for concrete. All of our backs were sore the next day.
I’m pretty proud of my hubby for this one. He laid the rock on the fireplace. He did a great job (if you ask me)! He also did a pretty good job keeping his patience in tact. The bare space you see will be the mantle. Those are some blocks of wood put in place to support the final masterpiece.
Me and my Mother in Law are professional stainers now. If you need any wood stained, we’re available, for an astronomical price tag. It kind of felt like this was going to go on for days. And it’s still not done. *sigh* This is for the back porch ceiling. It’ll be really pretty…once it’s done. 🙂
That’s all so far…manual labor at its best. Just like any project, it’s fun to see it all come together.

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