Friday Favorites in Five

Okay, seriously, now that it’s Friday, the time needs to slow down. Pause.
Guess what? I heard that there are now 16 days until football season starts. *happy dance* Random fact: I love college football. I get super happy when there is a crispness in the air and you can smell fall coming (it does have a certain smell…trust me). It always makes me miss college just a little because one of my absolute favorite things about fall was walking on campus and hearing the band practice for the upcoming game. 
That doesn’t really relate to the favorites today, just a fact. I thought about making this a fall theme, or football theme favorites. But I didn’t. Obviously.

1. Favorite room – can’t get enough of these neutral rooms, but I always imagine the mass amounts of dirt showing on everything and get over it quickly. They’re pretty to look at though.

2. Favorite cake. I want this…now. How could you not love a pound cake mixed with peanut butter?

3. Favorite shoes of the week. Leopard goes with everything.

4. Favorite outfit. This neutral look with a touch of bright red = totally my style.

5. Favorite photograph. I could just pitch a tent. Stay there all day.

Is it too soon to start getting into fall? I mean, I don’t really want summer to end, I just really like fall. I found a pumpkin picture that I was this close to sharing, but I didn’t. I thought that might be too soon. You were spared (for now).

Have a great weekend!

Linking up with Happy or Else / Lauren Elizabeth / September FARM.

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