Friday Favorites in Five

Short weeks are the longest weeks. Period. You lose a day which totally throws you off, and everyone tries to cram all sorts of things into 4 days…as if it’s life or death! It’s not, trust me. But you know what? That’s ok, because it keeps it interesting. Today I was in the mood for some brightness. get ready.
I love color, but I rarely use it in large doses in my own personal home. I don’t know why that is! It’s like an inner battle with my mind.
Oh that turquoise sofa is gorgeous!
Yes, but it’s crazy! You’d get so tired of it!
No I wouldn’t. I love it. Throw some fun patterned pillows on it – perfect.
Don’t do it. It’s too much. It’s too loud.
Okay, fine. I’ll go for beige.
Much better.
You’ll thank me later.

I typically compromise with a neutral base, then introduce some pattern or color in the accessories. Today though, I’m dreaming. Here’s my five favorite bold colorful rooms! This is my mischievous design side speaking…maybe next week I’ll share my neutral design side. 🙂
1.  Really, why not do a bright bold sofa with fun bright accents and patterns!? 
2. I’m all about this color scheme – the coral and turquoise = ocean sunrise.
3. Orange has always been a fun color. This bold stripe is great on the floor, and I love the other colors mixed in.
4. I’ve seriously considered purple chairs in my living room. I got on a kick trying to find just the right purple shade. I still haven’t found it…but this room works great with the different shades of purple and the bright white. 
5. Completely sold on the bright paint inside the shelving. This would be a great addition to my bedroom. The wheels are turning…
How do you handle color in your design style? Everywhere, small doses, not at all?

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