Firm & Lift

One of my favorite things about shopping at Sephora is the samples. I get really excited when I have points built up and can get a high end product for free (essentially)! I don’t like spending a lot on products unless I know they’ll work, or they have amazing reviews.
When I saw this Algenist Firming & Lifting Cream I definitely wanted to test it out! This cream retails for $94.00 (wow), so in my mind I thought it would work some miracles.
The cream itself had a nice consistency, and it didn’t have a strong odor. If you have sensitive skin or a sensitive sense of smell, you’ll be happy about that!
Some of the ingredients are Alguronic Acid, ProPeptide3, Avocado Oil, Olive Fruit Oil, and other natural ingredients. I always like using a product that has natural aspects. It is also Paraben free!
The claims are pretty hefty. It’s supposed to support the skin’s production of structural proteins to firm and tone along with moisturizing and nourishing the skin to protect against aging or damage. Some those claims you wouldn’t be able to see necessarily, but I was fully expecting some results with the firming.
Unfortunately, I didn’t see much change. It felt nice, but in my opinion (take it or leave it), it wasn’t worth the price tag. It does have some good reviews though, so maybe it’s just me. For $94.00 I want to see some dramatic changes though, so I won’t be purchasing the full size.

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