Friday Favorites in Five

I’ve been all messed up this week. I woke up Tuesday morning and literally thought it was Saturday (I seem to be having this issue lately). So I obviously was extremely disappointed to learn it was still so far away. 😦 
Since I’m still on the fall kick, and I put up my fall wreath and a few little pumpkins on my mantle, I decided to share my five favorite front porch decorations. I always find great new ways to decorate, but I always love the traditional looks.

1. This craft idea with wooden pumpkins is awesome! You can make them any color you want, and reuse them year after year. Love this!

2. Using a mix of corn and pumpkins adds different colors and textures.

3. Adding a blanket to your front porch rocking chair is oh-so-welcoming. I also love the colors in this one – the blue looks great with the fall orange and yellow.

4. I made it a goal last year to find colored pumpkins. I had one just like this, and love the idea of using some birch logs to accent with the green/grey color.

5. My favorite is probably traditional decorations. Mums, pumpkins, orange…yep, fall is in the air!

Happy weekend!

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