Pores No More

I wish there was a miracle mask or miracle serum that would make pores be gone forever! I have always had larger, more visible pores than I would prefer…


Several months ago I started researching different products that might help the situation. I looked for probably a good two months online and read reviews on various serums. I had a mask that helped, and had been using this toner (which also seemed to help), but felt like I needed something specifically made for shrinking pores to add into the mix.


If you look on Sephora’s website you’ll see several products, most of them pretty expensive…but I saw that the Sephora brand Pore Refining Serum had a pretty high rating, and it was on sale. No brainer. Try it!
I am now on my second tube of this stuff. I honestly think it helps! I can tell that when I use it regularly (morning and night after washing) the pores are minimized. Miracle product? No, not really, but it’s definitely made a difference so I keep using it.

The biggest bummer is that it does not seem to be on their website (might try a store), but I did find it on Amazon.

If you have the same issue with pores, and have something that works, please let me know!

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