Best Tote Ever?

First of all, Happy October (it’s a great month). Moving on…let’s talk about my standards for a bag.
When I find a bag that I like…I wear it all the time. Sometimes I change it out, but go back to it again and again. I have searched for something that was dressy enough to wear to work, large enough to pack all sorts of things in it, but still casual enough for every day wear. I couldn’t find the “right” thing, then I started noticing some other bloggers carrying this great looking tote (A Spoonful of Style / With Love From Kat).
At first I wasn’t sure that I wanted to make that much of an investment. I didn’t know how often I’d really use a “tote” in my daily life and thought it might be a little much. I went back and forth…weighed the pro’s and con’s. Looked elsewhere. Didn’t find anything else I liked (typical), and kept coming back.


I finally broke down and purchased the Cuyana Leather Tote (in Caramel). Totally worth it. This tote is BEAUTIFUL. I also love the gold monogram.
The philosophy behind Cuyana is nice too. The word “cuyana” means “to love” in Quechua, and they strive for simplistic quality pieces. It truly shows. It is so sturdy (I’ve had it full of quite a few things), and though it’s simple, it meets my needs.
I pretty much love this bag. My standards have been set a little higher for the next bag I purchase. Take a look for yourself – they have some other great pieces too!

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