Stitch Fix #3

I went “shopping” this weekend…sorta. 🙂
It was time for my Stitch Fix box to arrive, and once again it was filled with great options. Most of them fit me well, but for one reason or another I sent them back. I mentioned last time that I’m super hard to “fit”, so I’m not surprised that it’s challenging for me to find things that are just right in these boxes; however, the quality is still good, and they are still my style, so the Stitch Fix team is right on!
Here’s a look at what was in this month’s box…
Something that they include in every box is this great little style card with ideas of how to wear each item. Love it! There is also a note from your stylist explaining why they chose the items.
If things don’t work for me, I am always sure to leave a comment when I “check out” online – that way the stylist gets a little feedback so they can customize my shipment even more next time.
I’m really enjoying these boxes (it’s like Christmas when they show up on my porch), and even though I’ve only kept one item out of the three shipments I’ve received, I plan to continue the subscription and give it a few more tries. I think it takes a little time to get in the groove with the stylists. I totally picture a person on the other side of the computer picking through each item and asking themselves “Does this work for Rebecca? Yes, I think so!” 
If you want to start getting your own personally styled boxes, sign up here! It’s definitely worth a try to see if it works for you.
This was not a sponsored post; however, there are referral links meaning that I could earn credit for them. All opinions are still completely my own.

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