The BB Battle: Revlon Photoready BB

Not long ago I picked up some of the Revlon Photoready BB Cream because I have used the Photoready Perfecting Primer before and liked it. I’ve never used any of the Revlon face products, just eye shadow, so I’m “new-ish” to the brand.


At first I was a little leery that there were only three color options: Light, Light/Medium, Medium. That seemed limiting. I settled on the Medium, and it was a perfect color choice for my skin tone.


The consistency was very similar to the Maybelline Dream Fresh BB (see the review here), which excited me because that was one of the things I liked most about the Maybelline. This BB blends well with a Beauty Blender or your fingers. It feels too thick when I used a brush to apply, and it didn’t blend as well. I’d say the coverage is equal to most other BB creams in the light to medium range depending on how much product is used.

It claims to hydrate, smooth, provide foundation-like coverage, blur flaws, and protect with SPF 30. I’ve always used it with a primer first so I can’t really speak to the priming factor of this product, but I think it does a good job otherwise. Plus, let’s be honest, they all claim to do pretty much the same thing…


One of the biggest differences I found between the Revlon BB and the Maybelline BB is that it didn’t become too shiny over time.
If you have used the Maybelline BB, but find it too “greasy,” you’ll like the Revlon Photoready BB Cream. I think this product will be perfect if my skin is on the dry side (as the weather changes perhaps) because I can tell that it is hydrating. It wasn’t a go-to in the summer because it was just a little more dewy than I prefer.
If you’ve tried this or other Revlon face products let me know what you thought! I’d like to try more!
Side note: depending on coupons/sales, I’ve seen the best prices for this BB cream at Target, Ulta, or Amazon.
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