Friday Favorites in Five

This Friday I’m going to do something a little different than my usual. I’m going to share some of my favorite things that happened over the last couple weeks in my life. These are all pictures that I took with my phone…so they may not be super photographic quality. 🙂
1. I love moments like this – the sun, the dark clouds, the fact that I was trying to get the picture at just the right moment while my husband was driving down the highway. Good times.
2. Honestly, my husband has been talking about getting one of these ceramic smokers/grills for a couple years. Researching. Talking. YouTube videoing. Our gas grill finally tanked and literally was falling apart. Just so happened it was close to our anniversary (5 years!) and I decided this would be a good gift (for both of us). Happy day. We can grill, and my husband was like a kid in a candy shop.
3. This picture. Oh my goodness. It makes me laugh. The expression on her face is so weird – although, it could be the fact that her mother (ahem, me) put her in a little orange Vols shirt for game day. But isn’t it just so cute? Hahaha. 
4. Ever have those random moments that you think “ooooh, photo op!” but it’s at the most awkward time? This was a pretty sunrise one morning as I was leaving the driveway going to work. I crawled along until the sun wasn’t glaring (as much) then snapped a couple pictures. 
5. I GOT A NEW RUG!!!!!! This is probably the most exciting thing…ever. I’m the person that has this vision in my head but can’t ever find the “right” thing and when I do it’s way too expensive and totally out of my price range. Bummer. But I found one. Yay!!! This made my year. Sad, but true.

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