October Julep Maven Box

Just coming off of a vacation with my husband (celebrated 5 years!) makes it hard to get back into the routine…so this week’s posts are a little backwards from how it probably should be. I probably should have posted the October Maven Box before this post…oh well. I’ve decided that I just need to take more vacations and have more stress-free no-work time in my life.

I’d be a better person to be around. 🙂

Back to the backwards posts: Monday I wrote about some of my favorite Julep products…one of which I will talk about again because it just so happened to be in my Maven box this month (so if you’re not into nail polish or skincare, so sorry).

I personally picked my colors this month. Love that you have a chance to do that before the box ships! I wanted a deep blue and deep purple because those were two colors that I am missing. I have a lot of pinks and reds, natural colors…basics. I wanted something a little more daring. These two colors are beautiful.

The blue color is “Briana” and I’d describe it as a navy. The dark purple is “Margarita” – truly a deep plumb. I love how rich both of these colors are! Granted, I probably won’t get as much wear out of them on a daily basis. It’s fun though, right?

Of course, I’ve already raved about this night cream here, but I’m so glad that I swapped this in this month! It is perfect for the upcoming winter months! I love trying new skincare products (mostly because I’m always trying to find something that works miracles for skin texture).

If you’ve tried any of the other Julep skincare products, I’d love to know what you thought!

Post contains affiliate links, but all opinions are completely my own!

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