Friday Favorites in Five

Happy Friday! I usually feel like the weeks go by fast when I’m busy, but holy moly this week!!! I don’t even remember it (which could mean it was good, but see I don’t remember, so I don’t really know). 
What I do know is that it feels like fall outside which makes me super happy, and I don’t even mind that leaves are falling off the trees. It makes me want to build a fire. It also makes me want to wear sweatpants.
Ready for favorites? Here. We. Go…
1. I want these glittered fun pumpkins all over the place. But I do not want to be picking up glitter for the rest of my life…which I still am from last Christmas. It’s almost been a year, people. Stop it.

2. This invitation is AMAZING. How creative!!! It’s a work of art all in itself.

3. This fall front porch from Craftberry Bush is stunning. I kind of want to copy it…and I might.

4. I’m not done with the fall things yet – I want this sign from Ella Clair in my entry.

5. And now I’m hungry. Candy corn pop corn? Oh my.

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