Product Spotlight: CG Ready Set Gorgeous Foundation

You’ve probably figured out by now that I like to test out foundations, BB Creams, and anything that claims to be the next best thing for coverage of my uneven skin tone. Well, this is probably my newest favorite. I’ve been using the CG Ready Set Gorgeous foundation for about a month, and have been loving it. I first mentioned it here, and it’s still my go-to every day.

The coverage is really, really good…and I don’t have to use much product to achieve the coverage I’m after. It doesn’t feel heavy and has a nice matte finish. I notice that it stays in place throughout the day, and doesn’t get too greasy (which for me is great) because it’s oil free!

There are so many shades in this foundation. I first tried the 210 Medium Beige, but found it to be a little light. The 215 Warm Beige is just right. I was impressed seeing the range of options because honestly I think that’s part of the struggle with drug store foundations – they’re harder to match.
To apply, I’ve been using the Sigma F80 brush, and I also use a Beauty Blender. I like both…but usually prefer a brush for foundations because it just seems faster. Typically I will place a small amount (literally a pea-sized amount) on the back of my hand, dab the brush in it and start sweeping over my face in circular motions. That pea-sized amount can cover my entire face. If I need more coverage I’ll just pick up a little more product and apply in the areas where I have redness or a blemish. If I’m really in a hurry, I can get by using a drop of this over a blemish instead of a separate concealer.
Have I raved enough about this stuff? Okay, I’ll stop, but honestly, best drug store foundation I’ve used…ever…so far…but really, probably ever!

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