Friday Favorites in Five

Alright, so Thanksgiving is over, we’re all officially stuffed, and now it’s pretty much the best day ever (other than Thanksgiving, because it’s a pretty awesome day too). It’s Friday (a), and it’s time to DECORATE FOR CHRISTMAS (b). I can’t even tell you how excited this makes me. 
Every Friday after Thanksgiving I forego the crazy lines and crowds to crank up the Christmas music and start digging through my decorations. It’s time to get festive, folks.
1. This lush greenery by Apartment 34 is pretty much my perfect vision of what greenery should look like. 
2. You can’t go wrong with classic red and green
3. This is a pretty fancy tree, but I like the branches mixed in and the colors.
4. Doing something like this is so simple, but adds so much to a table. 

5. Even though I really do like color on my tree, using neutrals to decorate with can be so elegant!

I’ll share some of my own decorations soon…hopefully.

Hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving, and I hope you enjoy your weekend!

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