Christmas Spirit

Just in case there was any doubt…I’ll just tell you that I really get into Christmas.
The day after Thanksgiving is pretty much reserved for decking the halls. I usually pull most of the bins out of the closet(s) and start putting up decorations one room at a time. Over the years I have tried to get a system down, and it’s getting there…kind of.
Maybe I just need to really go crazy and have 10 trees. Too much?
This is our Dining Room, and I love these mini trees. Last year I just left them bare with white lights, buuuuut this year I decided they needed some sparkle.
Our home is pretty open, and we have a small table in the Kitchen (which is where we typically find ourselves!) so I like to decorate it a little bit. This simple arrangement is great because it’s easy to move out of the way if we have multiple dishes on the table (it’s all about function, right?).
Our Living Room is fun to decorate, because this is the first area you see when you walk in the front door of our home, and when it’s cold and we have a big roaring fire going it just begs for a hot chocolate and warm fuzzy slippers.
In our Entry we have this little green table, so I like using mostly white decorations here.
Our second tree is in the Sunroom. It’s our “family” tree with all personal or hand-made ornaments from when we were both kids. I love this tree because it is filled with memories, and it’s so much fun looking at each ornament and remembering where it came from (or who it came from). I also love the newest addition: this fun metal ice chest! My husband put a little elbow grease into it and removed some paint to reveal the original red. I love the vintage feel it has. Perfect for Christmas too!
I really want our home to feel warm during Christmas. This year is probably my favorite (so far). Even though I love all kinds of styles and color schemes, I still think my favorite is the traditional red and green. There’s something so nostalgic and “Christmasy” about it.

Here’s a question: do you do the same thing every year or do you change it up? Do you try different color schemes or stick to the same one? Every year I always think that I want a change, and usually add a little something here and there. Overall though, I tend to keep the same basic color scheme.

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