Faux Bun Tutorial

The only annoying part about having shorter hair is not being able to put it up in fancy styles or up-do’s! With holiday season upon us, I was determined to find a style that worked for my shorter hair…so after playing around (a lot) and trying some different things, I landed on this faux bun that seems to work pretty well! It’s not a super polished bun, but I’m okay with that.
To start, use a texturizing spray and tease lightly at the crown for more lift. I like this texture spray by Kenra for added hold.


1. Leaving small pieces out at the sides, pull half of your  hair back.
2. Pull through a small elastic a couple times until tight – don’t pull all the way through the last time. Leave the ends in the elastic so it makes a small loop.
3. Do the same thing on the bottom half of your hair – pull through the elastic and make a second loop. Don’t worry if it looks really strange here. We’ll fix it!
4. Start separating each loop and form a bun shape by combining the loops together. Secure with pins and tuck in any loose pieces of hair until you’re happy with the shape.
5. Take the sides that were left out in step #1 and twist.
6. Pull both twisted pieces back and cross over each other. This will hide the elastics and pins – it will also cover the fact that there are two separate loops of hair!
7. Bringing the twisted pieces under the bun, secure with pins.
Finish with a good hairspray to set the style, and your’e done!


It’s definitely more of a messy bun on me because of my layers, but you can make it whatever you want it to be! I love that the twist on each side makes it a little more fancy.

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