With all of the hustle and bustle (and sometimes stress) of the season, it all seems to stop and there is a calm that overcomes me each Christmas Eve.

My favorite thing about this time of year is not just about decorating the tree, or wishing for snow (always); it’s about the traditions that I either carry on or remember from childhood. I thought I would share some of those with you!
Christmas Movies
Oh my goodness. This may have been the worse year yet for me and my relationship with the Hallmark channel. Those moves…what is it about them? Other than the fact that they ALL have a happy ending. It’s been Christmas movie overload at our house. Every year. It happens. I also love the classics though. You can’t beat White Christmas!

Either playing an instrument or listening to others play has been a part of my family for as long as I can remember. My cousin is an amazing pianist, and I can remember my mom playing Christmas carols on the piano – sometimes I would join in on the violin. I know the musical inspiration came from my grandfather who would kindly nudge anyone in the family that showed an ounce of musical talent to pursue it and practice, practice, practice. At every family gathering, after we were all full, we gathered around and listened to someone (usually my cousin) play.
You know that Christmas cookie smell? It’s different than other cookie smells. 🙂 My mom and I used to bake cookies at Christmas (and mostly just eat the dough). Funny how some things stick…I still prefer dough to the actual cookie! I don’t always bake cookies now, but I typically make something Christmas-ish. Then I get really tired of sweets and vow to never eat them again.
Christmas Eve Service
Remember that calm feeling I mentioned? We’ve made our own tradition in the last couple years of going to a Christmas Eve service. For me personally, going to a service on Christmas Eve just relaxes me. I know that if my list isn’t totally checked off by that point, it won’t get done and there’s no need to worry…it’s Christmas, and it’s okay. 
Listening for Santa
One Christmas Eve (I have no idea how old I was) I was in bed, wide awake because I knew Santa was on his way…I wanted to wait until I heard the reindeer on the roof to go to sleep. So there I was, listening away, and all the sudden I heard them. I was so excited!!!! I got out of bed to peak, but I got scared that Santa would see me and not give me any presents. So I ran back to bed and fell asleep. He never knew!

Christmas Story
I honestly can’t remember a time on Christmas morning that we didn’t read the Christmas Story before doing anything else. We would sit by the tree, read Luke 2:1-20, say a prayer, then open presents. Looking back, it was the perfect reminder of the entire reason we celebrate!
What are some of the traditions you or your family have? I’d love to know…
I hope you all have a very Merry Christmas!

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