Friday Favorites in Five

Honestly, I am so thankful it’s Friday. This week. Wow. Job well done week – you were full of tests!
Today I wanted to go back to some of my favorite moments from our camping trip last week. It was relaxing (minus a couple minor issues that occurred with our water situation in the camper, but all part of the adventure) and I can’t lie…I want to go back.
1. Honestly it was one of my favorite New Year’s so far. The campground had a holiday light show through the 1st, so the first night of our stay we were able to drive through the park and see the lights, go to the “winter wonderland” area and get hot chocolate, then walk around to see more lights. It was really neat! Completed our New Year’s Eve with fireworks at the park. This picture is of a sand sculpture. Pretty impressive! 
2. I spent most of the time taking pictures of the water, but my husband did some fishing with my uncle. He caught a big redfish (which was exciting). 
3. Our little Bailee went on the camping trip with us, and I was super nervous because she doesn’t travel well, but it was great…she sat at my feet in the camper or sat in my lap and slept the whole road trip. I was stunned. She also didn’t have major barking fits at the campground (success). This was Bailee on the dock…you can tell she wants to go into the water (no, she really doesn’t, she’s not much of a water dog). And yes, she’s wearing a jacket. It was a little chilly.
4. The beach. Ahhh. My favorite. I could stare at this for hours – forever.
5. The sunsets…

After that, it’s been back to reality, and back to our laundry room project. New tile, new cabinets, big stuff. I’ll be sharing once it’s done! I decided to go bold with the cabinets. They’re blue. Yikes!

What did you do for New Year’s? How was your week? Please share! Have a great weekend!

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