Laundry Room Re-do

There’s been a little project going on at the house lately…
We have a completely redone laundry room! I went out of my comfort zone of earthy colors and decided to have a little fun.
In progress…even after the floor and the walls were painted it started to look brighter and cleaner!
The deep blue cabinets are such a fun way to add color to the small room, and the rug has the perfect combination of rust, grey, tan, and blue. I had the large orange-framed mirror already, and moved it into the laundry room once I found the rug (because everyone needs a mirror in the laundry room, right?).
All of the cabinets were unfinished oak, and we painted them ourselves with a semi-gloss paint. We added the crown and trim to the cabinets, and I think it helps give it a more custom look. The shirt rod is a heavy-duty closet rod…the other for pants…is a grab bar. We had to get creative since there wasn’t a place for it to die into on one end. It works just right, and amazingly matched the other one. Who woulda thought!?
The laundry room now looks like a room with a purpose instead of a catch-all for junk (it pretty much still is…it’s just all hidden now!), and the design actually flows with the rest of the house – which was key for me because you can see right inside from the living room and kitchen.

I kind of want to paint everything in this blue color…

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