Hello Creative Turns One

This is a pretty special weekend for this little blog…I celebrate 1 year of blogging! Honestly, it doesn’t feel like it has been a year, but I guess time does fly when you’re having fun!
In honor of the start of the blog, I’m going to share some of my favorite blog posts from the last year!
1. Time to Fly is a favorite of mine, simply because it is when I decided to step out of my shell. I decided not to be shy or afraid to share with the world. It was a weight lifted!
2. I’ve been having a serious craving for this salsa lately. I’ve been trying to eat better (as we all do this time of year), and that means eating salads…with salsa as the dressing (so good). Too bad I ate this batch of salsa in about a month and don’t have any now. 😦
3. The blog went through a change half-way through the year. It was time to shake things up a bit, and I’m glad that I did! 
4. I’m going to say this post is a favorite because I still use this foundation daily, and still love it just as much. Seriously – if you haven’t tried it, do.
5. This post seems to be your favorite! Honestly, it’s pretty good, so I see why. Yum!
THANK YOU for following my little corner of the internet. I have so much fun with this blog, and love that you all let me share it with you! Here’s to another year!

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