Friday Favorites in Five

It’s Friday, and it’s almost Valentine’s Day, so I found some fun little treats to share today! If you’re needing a couple ideas to impress your Valentine, or if you just want to eat them yourself to be festive (which is totally acceptable), then keep on reading…
1. These Honey Orange Mascarpones from Cupcake Project are so cute for a treat on Valentine’s Day!

2. Seriously, who wouldn’t love some Red Velvet Pancakes? Breakfast in bed, please.

3. This is such a creative way to spread some love.

4. Glitter. Donuts. What???? I’ve never seen such a thing, but I wouldn’t mind if these showed up in my kitchen for Valentine’s Day!
5. Leanne Bakes shared this sweet recipe for Chocolate Covered Pretzels, and I think the heart sprinkles make it. Quick and easy idea for a festive treat.
Do you have plans for Valentine’s Day? Staying in, going out? I think we’re going to have dinner (but I’m not sure where, we’re usually pretty last minute with the decision), and we might go mattress shopping this weekend for our “gift” because ours has totally had it. Honestly, it’s to the point that I can only get comfortable if I’m on my side. No bueno. I guess gifts on Valentine’s have never been a huge thing for me. Get me a card, flowers, or dinner. Just make a point to be together. I’m good with that. I wouldn’t complain if I got pancakes in the new bed though (see #2 above). 🙂
Have a good weekend y’all!

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