Winter Skin Routine

Winter takes a serious toll on my skin. When the weather gets harsh, and my skin starts to change, I begin a new routine full of oils and bring out the big gun moisturizers!


1. The Keratin Complex Infusion Therapy works to keep my hair shiny and replenishes some of the oils lost when washing. It takes a very small amount, so be conservative!
2. Oh goodness, the new love of my life. The Neutrogena Body Oil in the sesame formula is amazing (available at AmazonTarget, or Ulta). The smell is so light, but clean. It has become an essential to my shower routine. I apply before drying off, and it keeps my skin moisturized for several hours. I have also applied it to dry skin, and it soaks in so fast without a heavy residue that most oils leave behind.
3. If my body feels super dry, I apply the Aveeno Daily Moisturizing Lotion. I’ve been using this lotion for a couple years, and it is by far the most moisturizing…ever. It is thick, so if that feeling bothers you this may not be your thing. Personally, I have grown accustomed to the thicker body lotions because anything else usually soaks in or wipes off within a couple hours and leaves me dry again. I don’t have that issue with this lotion. I really like that it’s fragrance free – most lotions are so heavily scented that it overpowers.
4. When my face is in a dry phase, I use The Body Shop Vitamin E Cream Cleanser every other night or so. I love how it makes my skin feel – it doesn’t have a ‘stripped’ feeling that other cleansers can have. I do recommend using a facial cleansing wipe (such as these) or some type of makeup remover (or coconut oil) before the cleanser…it doesn’t always get all of the eye makeup off!

5. After cleansing my face, I moisturize. I’ve mentioned the Julep Night Shift before. It’s still a favorite when I need an extra boost of moisture.

6. An alternative to the typical moisturizer is an oil. I recently purchased the Josie Maran Argan Oil. Holy moly! It feels incredible on the skin. I got the mini size, and I think it’ll last quite a while! It only takes 2-3 drops.

7. Now, the lips. They get so dry it’s ridiculous. I’m not good about habitually applying gloss or lipstick during the day so that doesn’t help the situation. Lately I’ve been using the Vaseline Lip Therapy…which I’m pretty sure is regular Vaseline, they just put it in a mini container. My husband says that I’ll buy anything miniature just because it’s cute. Nailed it. That’s me. Whatever. It’s so much easier to get out than the large jar. Justified purchase. I can tell a huge improvement in the condition of my lips since using this nightly. It’s still there in the morning, which is miraculous. I’m sold. Miniature or not.

Does your skin change in the winter? Do you change up your routine?

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