Things You Learn…

Monday evening our power went out. Finally, it came back on last night around 9:30. There are things you learn when you have no power.
1. Light switches really don’t work. At all. I wish I had a dollar for every time one of us went into a room and flipped the switch. Um, hello. It doesn’t work. I’m sure you’ve all done this…I hope.

2. Having a fire place is a blessing. Frigid temps and no power don’t equal warm and cozy. I’ve never been so thankful for a fire place!

3. No power and icy roads lead to a lot of self discovery…and patience.
4. Make sure you have bread and peanut butter. Milk and eggs don’t really help a lot, because your refrigerator doesn’t work to keep them cold. So that whole “everyone go to the store and buy milk, eggs, and bread” doesn’t fly when your power is out.
5. At first it seems like a fun adventure, until  you have to go back to work, then it is really frustrating.
6. Your dog becomes your best cuddly friend.
7. Invest in big fuzzy socks. They’re warm.
8. Invest in dry shampoo.
9. It’s not cool to see how “low” your phone battery can go before actually dying…because it actually will die at 0%…so don’t keep Pinterest-ing. It’s not worth it. You might need the phone.
10. If someone close to you has power, and invites you to their home, take them up on it. See #5.
I hope you have all stayed warm and have lots and lots of electricity flowing through your household! 🙂

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