Smoky Blues with IT Cosmetics

The smoky eye is my go-to, but sometimes the grays and browns are overdone (as in, I do them every day). When I first got the IT Cosmetics Naturally Pretty Palette I knew that the neutral colors were all me, but wasn’t sure if I would get a ton of use out of the blue shade. I decided to try something different (gasp) and branch out from my typical routine. I was really happy with the blue smoky look! This is something I could easily wear every day. It’s not too strong, and mixing some warm tones with the gray/blue creates a nice subtle smoky look…with just a little twist.


1. Start with Sheer Joy all over the lid.
2. Using Midnight, blend inward from the outer corner of the lid.
3. Blend to soften harsh edges using Warmth.
4. Take Mocha and mix with Transforming Pearl to lightly apply at the center of the lid.
5. Add eye liner. I used L’Oreal Lineur Intense on the top and Mocha shadow on the bottom.
6. Add mascara – I used Too Faced Better Than Sex).
This makes me want to start incorporating some different colors to my daily routines!

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