Lighten Up and Laugh

Well hello! It’s been a while!

It feels like the month so far has been a whirlwind. Since I haven’t been very diligent at making time to blog recently, I wanted stop in and catch up a minute!

What have I been up to? Well, the new job, for one. I feel like at the end of the day I’m overwhelmed (in a good way) from learning and adapting and learning some more. It’s been really good, but I haven’t managed to find time for blogging lately…

So I wanted to quickly share a little something that I’ve kept close lately. And by close I mean that this is currently set as my phone’s screen saver – so every time I look at it (which is multiple times an hour) I see this!

I’m really trying to not let stress get the better of me lately. Change always brings a little uncertainty and can easily shake your self confidence, but this quote is so true. I can’t take myself too seriously! Why worry about it so much? God is on my side!

In other news:
1. It is officially spring. That makes me super happy!
2. I’ve been doing a couple craft projects around the house. I’ll be sharing soon.
3. I made this for dinner recently. Delicious and easy.
4. Popped pop corn in bacon fat thanks to How Sweet It Is…because I need more fat in my life.
5. This makes me excited for a good tan.

Have a great week, and lighten up and LAUGH! 🙂

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