Tightline Made Easy

Happy Monday!

After some time away from blogging, I’m back…hoping to be back that is…going to do my best. Because I really miss it! Not only have I not been blogging recently, but I haven’t even been reading my favorite blogs very often. 😦

Today I’m going to share a beauty product that I’ve used for a while. It’s become something I would definitely keep on the favorites or must-have list!

When I first saw the tightline concept, I was skeptical. It seemed dangerous. I remember watching You Tube videos of people tightlining with eyeliner and it made me cringe.

I tried it. It felt unnatural. So I didn’t do it.
Then I saw this creative little product from It Cosmetics. Brilliant!
Say hello to the Tightline Full Lash Length Mascara Primer (which should get an award for the longest name). It is essentially a super tiny mascara wand with really short bristles that can easily get in between lashes. I wouldn’t say that it could totally replace eyeliner, but it definitely helps add definition to the lash line, and it makes tightlining so easy!
It is also perfect for the lower lashes. I have struggled to find a good mascara that stays put on my lower lashes and not “melt” when my skin gets oily. Because this formula is meant to tightline it dries fast, which means that it stays!
It claims to be a lash primer as well, but I find that it dries a little too fast for that on the upper lashes.
I have used this product for tightlining and lower-lash mascara for right at a year now, and though I’ve tried a couple other similar products here and there, this is still my favorite!

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